This week we did a big change in how LeadGrid works.

Until a few days ago, to join the LeadGrid coupon exchange network was necessary for a monthly process of one of our plans. In addition to the monthly plan, the retailer could optionally make a weekly investment to acquire additional connections beyond those earned by the exchange network, and to access this functionality, one had to be a subscriber.

We first split LeadGrid into two products: the Coupon Exchange Network, which is our primary service, and a Lead Acquisition Campaign that is nothing more than the original feature of purchasing additional leads for your online store.

As of now, the LeadGrid Coupon Exchange Network is 100% free. No more monthly fee. But you still need to install the LeadGrid offer widget on your store’s ‘Thank You’ page.

And finally, the Leads Acquisition Campaign that previously required a subscription, is now available to any online retailer without having to install the widget on the store.

This way we believe we are making it a possibility to create new customers for online stores for many more retailers.


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